The Summit Healthcare Company Limited was founded in the year A.D. 2000 dealing in importing and providing equipment for surgery with the aim and determination to be in the forefront among importers and distributors of surgical equipments. Careful deliberation in selecting products through strict inspection and experiment is to ensure that the high quality products will efficiently and directly be met with the demand of the medical personnel, surgeons and operation room nurses and in order to create confidence that the equipment will achieve the maximum results for treatment of patients.

Under the administration and management of the executive administrators who have vast experience and far reaching vision combined with the company’s advisory team of senior surgeons, the Summit Healthcare Company Limited is dedicated to expand the business of the company, to forge ahead and to increase the potential to be ready and able to compete in the high level of market competition. The company is also aware of the importance and is ready to be responsible to our shareholder group, business alliances, customers, patients and especially the employees of the company, including the social responsibility in general.

The quality of our success, we believe, derives from dedication of our employees and cooperation of our work team. For this reason, we always stress the importance of every employee and every company division in order to obtain our success together and have a better quality of life by giving everyone an opportunity to show his potential, support various ideas, continuously develop results with equal chance.


 I : Integrity

Every employee who becomes a part of our organization need mainly be loyal to self, to colleagues, to superiors, to the company, and including to customers and society in general.

 T : Talent

Ability and perception to analyze plan including solving any problems appropriately. Every employee should possess these qualities to be successful and to attain the set goals.

 A : Alliance

Be friends to all. As a part of our organization, every employee must be friendly to everyone both inside and outside of our organization, while being creative and able to work as a team.

 C : Competency

We believe that the foundation of ability in each person relates to level of knowledge and experience. As for the influence if environment can be an index to the level of attitude. Every employee must be ready to self development in order to increase self potential appropriately according to his work duration.